Alessandro Bini


In the heart of Italy the hills of Chianti inspire me in creating natural fabrics, prints on linen, classic romantics, elegant and modern velvets: original weaves with a touch of Tuscany.

The philosophy of my company can be summed in few words: reliability, speed, Italian quality and creativity.

I'm deeply convinced that only someone who like me loves fabric with all his heart can generate new emotions.

The products that we offer to our clients are born from the union of tradition and innovation: for the creation of my fabrics I glean my inspiration from natural yarns, ancient weaves, decorations onto consumed fabrics, as much as I do from the continuous contact with architects and stylist from all over the world.

Nothing is left to chance: yarn research, colour study, quality of the product, client service.

The on-going research for always more sophisticate finishing, together with the long experience gained in the textile industry allow us to offer to each client exclusive and personalised articles on request, to ensure a thorough reply to any need.

Long lengths fabrics have been thought to reply to any market's request and are largely appreciated worldwide.

The speed in delivering, the availability of the staff in every moment both in the company and online, the pre and post sale assistance, the products' accuracy and the personalized realisation are only some of the elements that distinguish the service that we offer to our clients.

The contact with our clients tends to value the personal relations favouring encounter moments with the owner, with his personnel and his thick net of agents. In addition to this, the continuous virtual contacts permit immediate replies and a constant support to the customer.

Capable textile artisans create for us artistic passamanterie that embellish the items realized with our fabrics and to guarantee unique and scenographic interior furnishings.

Alessandro Bini

The third segment of production refers to the technical products and is mainly represented by false skins technologically advanced and on which the company focuses its efforts on the research of new colorings and increasingly sophisticated treatments.

Finally, the fourth product range covers the dell'antifiamma sector: many of the articles are in fact fireproof.

The collections are clearly linked to various market requirements and thanks to an accurate and careful research, coupled with multiple tests of weaving and finishing, products of Alessandro Bini Italian fabrics are always more attractive and exciting.

"Our Tuscan roots guide us in the choice of materials and fibers bonded to the noblest traditions of the territory," Bini said, "and, in fact, the first advice we give our customers the choice of fabrics is to contextualize in the territory where They are inserted, avoiding excesses and enhancing the nature and quality. The colors we recommend using are the ones of the earth mixed with contrasting shades sometimes very strong. We believe, in fact, that the rich fabrics combined with good taste will always have a predominant role in interior decoration ".

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