40 years weaving innovation

We are a third generation family-owned mill and fully integrated company, with product development, weaving, finishing and dyeing all taking place on site. Our team is an assembly of imaginative, talented and passionate professionals. We manufacture under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and distribute our fabrics in over 60 countries worldwide.

A distinctive contemporary vision

Crevin was established in 1976 at a time that was marked by change and positivism. Creating something new and meaningful was the challenge and became our guiding principle over the years.

In the early days our most valuable assets were our machinery, technology and product quality, but faced with an extremely competitive decoration market at the beginning of the 21st century, we refocused our business on the human connection, creating liaisons with the design teams of suppliers and customers, while reaching out to lifestyle-conscious consumers with an aesthetic sensibility and appreciation for the new.

While thinking of the future, we see a creative community of like-minded partners, sharing experience, knowhow and design-thinking to push tradition forward into sustainable, meaningful product development, with the conviction that “doing business” is not just fun, but something with which the world can be made a better place to live.


100% Made in Barcelona

As a vertically integrated mill, our industrial hardware is fundamental to our design. We constantly explore new ideas, materials, yarns and structures, but only by mastering the process of weaving and finishing we are able to transform ideas into beautiful end-products.

We manufacture 100% of our fabrics in Terrassa, Barcelona, which reveals our commitment to excellence and long-term value. For our manufacturing we use locally sourced raw materials, state-of-the art looms and finishing equipment within a streamlined, high-quality fabrication process, certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

It is through our self-sufficiency that we keep full control over the development of our fabrics, with limitless freedom to explore design and industry trends. Crevin fabrics therefore always keep track with what is going on in the minds and lives of modern people.

Our expertise comes from understanding fabrics— we design, we weave, we dye, we finish, we create.


Design with industrial DNA

Driven by industrial proficiency, Crevin design unites high performance standards with a refined, contemporary aesthetic. Our fabrics owe their specific quality to double warps, high-quality yarns and tailored finishing, thanks to which they can be used and enjoyed over an indefinite period of time.

As both weavers and designers, we are equally preoccupied with the emotional connection; this particular language hidden in textiles where art and aesthetics meet material, texture and colour, accounting for the distinction that sets a brand apart

We are aware that the creative process can never be rightfully expressed by technical standards; we therefore believe that design can only be labeled as good design when it captivates and connects with end users through positive and life-enriching experiences.

The intentionality of our design is to make the essence of quality come true.


Away from disposability

We do not conceive of sustainability as a complex phenomenon. For us, sustainability is a mindset; it is about respect for people, culture and our natural surroundings. While we work from an ultramodern facility we feel connected to our local textile heritage and remain affiliated with its craftsmanship and artisanal techniques. We use raw materials and natural resources responsibly, sensibly and efficiently. Our manufacturing is certified under ISO 14001, the environmental management system that assures that the impact of our manufacturing process on the natural environment is kept to an absolute minimum. We recycle 100% of our industrial waste. When we think of sustainability we think of something that is meant to be enjoyed and loved, not consumed and thrown away. This is the way we are and what moves us forward.

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